New Amp: Part 2 - Let the Modding Begin...

New tubes: 12AX7/ECC83 (preamp) and EL84 (power)

This week I replaced the stock Bugera tubes with a pair from JJ-Electronics. I picked up the EL84 (power) and 12AX7 (preamp) from amazon for $25 shipped.

Tubes installed

The new tubes brought some much needed brightness to the V5 and seem to break up better than the stock set. Unfortunately I'm getting a buzz from the EL84 at certain frequencies (specifically around D above mid-C). I plan to remedy this with a small spring placed in the tube cage under the valve which will add some upward pressure to keep it more secure and rattle-free. My old Super Reverb had spring-loaded casings over most of the tubes so I'm borrowing the idea.

New speaker installed

Next mod: a new Jensen C8R 8" speaker. I'll get a Fender sound out of this thing yet. The new speaker should bring gobs of brightness to the sound which is still too dark and muddy for my tastes.
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