Into the Cloud

Yesterday I deleted my hosting account with dreamhost. Back in 2006, I had big plans to create some dynamic sites with django under hotani.net. Now 2010 sneaks up and the only "dynamic site" I have to show for myself exists in the form of a placeholder page. I was paying $100/year for hosting.

Now I'm floating around the internets without a home. Or maybe my home exists as a collection of places I routinely inhabit. Most of my online time is spent checking headlines in google reader (and occasionally reading an article), doing the same over at reddit, or seeing what my friends and family are up to on facebook. I just don't have the time or motivation for a non-work-related coding project.

Today I crawl like a hermit crab into an old abandoned shell I once briefly inhabited here at blogspot. I'm not promising timely updates or weekly rants on... anything at all. Honestly I hate blogs. I don't even like the "I" pronoun; it's so full of itself.

I'm designating this page a launching place for all my online activities for anyone who wants to keep up with that sort of thing. If you follow RSS, you could add this blog if you want but it won't get updated very often. If you want to really see what I'm up to, check out the "Awesome News Feed" to the right which is a feed for my shared items from google reader.
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